How To Get
In On Wax


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Bit Of Info To Start

So I thought I’d Whoop up a Little how to get Started with Wax since I’m out to Wax the World and all .. 

Straight up I’m Pushing the biggest ball of Wax In front of me, E-ather get absorbed or run like Fuck now.
Now with that out the way, this little Spots for those that need a Hand in finding info on Starting out with Wax.
How to set up a Wallet, where to buy, and eventually how to Whoop up your own NFT’s on the Wax chain.
Now if you’re here for the Help and not just a Lurk, start but Setting up a Wallet at
This is pretty much the Go-To Hub with your Balance and what we’d Class as a Trustable links to start Shopping from for anyone New.

Once you’re Set up with your Stash Point you Need to buy some Wax. Like there are Ways to earn it From scratch but Yea, In General, your Better to, what that call Stake in if you Truly do Want to get Creating.. Now If you’re not here to Create, staking in is still an Awesome opportunity for Anyone wanting to get Involved in Wax. Basically you Make back Wax from staking Wax and never lose the Wax you stake to start..