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 golden ticket.. the story of what this is and what you get as a holder of one..
So when I started my endeavor into the NFT art world, I ended up on Rarible with a verified account and 50 of my can in a box. Now with how naive I was this burned me in gas fees. Like I can’t even burn what’s there because of what gas costs and what I hold on that chain. But hey, I’m not bitching, to be honest, I’m just stoked to have a verified Rarible Account.

Now that I found wax and am melting quick with it, I thought I’d bring my
Can In A Box To My wax market as my golden ticket entry.
What I mean by that is I will only be minting 50 of these on wax and what you get when you buy the wax version is a bit different.
You get three different 3d printable models of the can in a box as well as some cool art cards to go with it.
what I will offer tho to the ones that buy my ETH version thought is.
If you buy an ETH and burn it I will mint You a one-off of the wax version with an extra thank you card for helping me raise the fund for when the CrpytoMooBoy hits ETH..

Can In the box Golden Ticket 3d Printable Nft Wax Drop 

Is Now open for whitelisting. Join our Discord chat and add your wax address to 

the chat or p.m what ever you feel easist for you and you’ll be added to the whitelist